Monday, August 16, 2010

completely miserable

Growing up, I never thought that I would grow so attached to another individual, not just for love, but also for my happiness and comfort. Being with Thomas has brought so much joy to my life, yet, being away from him seems like the hardest thing I've ever had to face in my life. I can't believe how emotionally drawn to him I am, or how dependent I am of him for my happiness. I'm not that kind of girl, but it really doesn't seem to bother me that he affects me in that sort of way. I love him so much, so I can deal with the cheesy female cliche that I've become.

This weekend, Thomas and I packed up our room, and moved him to Orlando. I'm so proud of him. He completely took the initiative to better his life, and enrolled himself in culinary school. He is now a student at the Orlando Culinary Academy. I can't wait for him to start cooking, so I can have him make me his homework! But as of right now, he's there, and I'm here at home.

Thomas and I know so much about one another, which makes it completely comfortable to be around one another all the time. It's almost as if we're already married to one another. We just fit. Which ultimately makes this separation so hard for me. It hasn't even been a whole day yet, but just being in our room without him is absolutely miserable.

I miss you...


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  1. Sarah, I don't know when (or if) you'll read this, but I have often felt how you've felt. There really is no cure for it. When you miss your boyfriend, you miss your boyfriend. However, when we're apart, I try to use that time to better my relationships with other people. I know I'm not immune to getting sucked into the little bubble Jeffrey and I have comfortably created for ourselves. Sometimes it's necessary to step out of that bubble and take some time for myself. When he's away, I take that time to be with myself and my friends (not that I don't do that when he's around, too.). I feel extremely fortunate to have him in my life, and it's always kind of reassuring when I miss him. That, to me, means he should definitely be in my life. I take comfort in knowing that we were meant to be together, and that is always so evident when we're apart. xo



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