Sunday, October 24, 2010

I can finally breathe.

(This is in front of a Disney pumpkin in Downtown Disney. Too cute!)

Since my last update, I've had the pleasure of spending two weekends in a row with my wonderful family and lovely boyfriend, Thomas. Let me just tell you, it's been so great. It feels so refreshing not having a million things going on at once, and being able to just breathe.

Last weekend, I went to Orlando to visit Thomas. It was so lovely. Friday night we went on a date, which consisted of dinner and a movie, and then Ben & Jerry's for ice cream afterward. It was so great to just spend time with him and not have a care in the world about much else. Especially anything regarding academics.

Saturday morning, my family arrived! After relaxing by the pool, we went to Downtown Disney to window shop, then to Ikea for dinner and exploring. They were still up for more exploring, so Thomas and I took them around town, showing them our favorite places. It was such a great time, and we all enjoyed each others' company. I don't see my family quite as much as I see Thomas, so it was quite the treat spending the weekend with them.

I was able to spend time with them again this weekend, for my mother's birthday. We shared many laughs, an ice cream cake, and homemade banana chocolate chip pancakes (courtesy of my chef-to-be boyfriend). Unfortunately, they left early this morning, but the little time spent together was well worth it.

Saturday was also Thomas and I's one year and five month anniversary. I'm so happy to have him in my life, for both his love and friendship.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. I love that picture! I'm so happy you got to spend time with Thomas & your family. That is really the best feeling, isn't it?! You must be thrilled that Thomas is going to be a chef. I think I would swoon daily if that's what Jeffrey was becoming. Although, I have to admit, the potter/ceramicist thing works well for him & I think I swoon daily anyway. :) I'm so glad you keep up with your __ year and __ month anniversaries. People always make fun of me when I throw 'it's our 3 years and 4 months anniversary today' randomly into a conversation, but I think celebrating the little ones are so much fun!

  2. Yes! I'm so excited that my wonderful boyfriend will be able to cook for me all the time! It takes a lot of stress off of me, because well, I'm not the best chef out there. And you're right, the little anniversaries count, too! I mean, if you've been dating for so long, might as well celebrate as much as you want! You and Jeffrey are just adorable, and it's so great that you've been together for so long. And of course the potter/ceramic thing is cute ;)



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