Wednesday, October 27, 2010

oh coffee,

how you've failed me.

Hi, my name is Sarah, and I am a coffee drinker. A frequent coffee drinker. Borderline obsessive coffee drinker. It's getting so bad that every night before I get into bed, I think about the hot, steaming cup of coffee I'll have the following morning, and it's all I will think about for the remainder of my time awake. Sometimes I think about making coffee before bed, but then I remind myself that I'll never get to bed, which means less time for coffee in the morning. Moral of the story is, I love coffee, and I depend on it to wake my system up, every morning. And it usually does. Except for today...

As usual, I had my morning cup o' joe with breakfast (which was extremely yummy, by the way), and got ready and headed off to class. However, in said class, I immediately began getting tired. So tired that my eyelids were becoming too heavy for me to hold up. It was an internal battle just to stay awake, but I succeeded.

This has never happened to me after I've had my coffee. So, I'd just like to ask, what is going on? Why is my coffee working against me, rather than with me? I'm really hoping this is a one-time occurrence. I can not have this happen again.

Do you have a obsession with anything?

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