Sunday, November 28, 2010

my thanksgiving break in pictures

Thomas and I waiting to see Harry Potter again. This time we took the little brothers along!
This little guy and I spent our Friday night lounged on the couch, watching the Harry Potter movies from start to finish with the fam.
And when I wasn't visiting with family or friends, I spent my time reading these books. I'm getting a little obsessed, no? {also, ignore the fact that I look completely sleep deprived, I stayed up late reading a few nights...}
It was so hard saying goodbye to this face, but it was even harder saying goodbye to my family. It's always so bittersweet going home. It's great to visit and relax, but it's so sad when it comes time to leave. I miss everyone so much already.

How was your Thanksgiving?


  1. those pictures , those words, they say it all, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! jk

  2. i ADORE harry potter too. what's not to love? glad you had a great vaycay!



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