Monday, November 8, 2010


was amazing!
The photo above was taken at a sweet little ice cream shop that makes their own ice cream and treats. Little ice cream was eaten then because it was freezing {a whopping 30 degrees}! I'm still wondering why we ventured out into the country for ice cream in the first place. Cold weather is not the time for ice cream! But hey, it was delicious.

So, I guess I should start off why we {Thomas and I} went to Virginia in the first place. Thomas' father lives in Virginia {not far from D.C.}, and he was retiring from the Air Force this past Friday, so of course we went to offer our support and dedication.

We arrived in D.C. Thursday evening, and we were exhausted from a long day of traveling. Friday was the day of the ceremony. It was such an emotional experience. Tom {Thomas' father} spoke to each of his family members individually, and gave a tearful speech, which of course, made the entire audience and myself cry as well. It was a beautiful ceremony to say the least. That night was the reception and party, complete with delicious food and warm desserts {it's safe to say that I gained a few pounds on this vacation}. I was also introduced to a new board game, which I wouldn't mind having for myself now, called Quelf. It's probably the most random/awkward board game I've ever played, but it was so much fun. There was a time during the game that I had to turn my shirt inside out and wear it like that for the remainder of the game. Doesn't it sound weird? It was so great, though.

On Saturday, we ventured into the country for some homemade ice cream. Although very delicious, it was still very cold. I ended up having my ice cream later that night for dessert. Well worth that wait! Thomas whipped out his culinary skills and made Fettucini Alfredo for everyone, complete with a delicious made from scratch Alfredo sauce. I even helped and grated an entire block of Parmesan cheese! I can't wait for Thomas to make meals like this for me every night, but maybe that's just wishing thinking... Oh! I also learned how to play Texas Hold'em that night, and I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty good. Thomas keeps telling me he's so proud of how quickly I picked it up. I'm not quite ready for the Big Leagues yet, though.

Sunday was the day that we left to go back home, and boy was I ready for that! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love traveling and seeing family, but it just feels so good to come back to your own bed and space after a trip away.

The trip was just the thing we needed. We're both so stressed out about school, money, and just life in general, that a vacation was just the way to get away from all the stresses for the weekend to enjoy time together with family, friends, and good food. I hope the next time we go back it will be to D.C., because I want to visit the museums. I'm so fascinated with the history.

As I'm writing this, I'm sitting outside of my dorm, in the beautiful weather. I hope it stays, because I sure can get used to this.



  1. wow you were definetly busy in the short time you were there, ice cream in 30 degree weather, wow ! homemade alfredo im jealous i didnt taste it first, and yes it is nice to come home to a nice comfy bed after a trip and remember how nice home is. jk

  2. I was just going to ask you how your trip was. Thanks for writing this! Miss you

  3. Mom, you should ask Thomas to make it when we come down for Thanksgiving! OR you could ask him to make Thanksgiving dinner!

    And I miss you, too, Nikki dear!



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