Thursday, December 2, 2010

and this is how I ventured out in the cold today

all nice and toasty! except, my hands get cold so easily, so I should probably wear my mittens, but I'm afraid I'll get laughed at because it's Florida...and who wears mittens in Florida?!
I know it's only 32 degrees today, which I'm sure isn't that cold for those who live in the northern regions of the country, but as a Florida girl, I'm freezing. and I love it.
Enjoy the cold!


  1. I wore my gloves, and laughed at everyone who WASN'T wearing them. Silly people! And 32 degrees IS cold, no matter where you are! :)

  2. Thanks! I'll remember that next time, gloves it is!

  3. I would wear gloves to if i had any, you look so snuggly warm with your cold winter gear on. jk

  4. 32 degrees is mitten weather no matter what part of the country!
    The Auspicious Life



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