Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm so happy to be home!

I've been having so much fun being home that I've neglecting my little blog. 
Hopefully this makes up for it, because I want it to like me still!

Majority of my week has been overloaded with last minute Christmas shopping.
Every single day I seem to be in Target, shopping for one thing or another for friends and family.
I love Christmas (boy, do I), but I am so ready to be done with the crowded stores 
and the hard-to-find parking spots!

I've discovered that I really like Starbucks' Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate!
(it tastes extra yummy with vanilla almond biscotti, just an fyi)
Thomas was sooo tired after shopping all day, but he still let me snap a photo of him.
Each night, after hours of shopping, this little guy came and cuddled up with me
(in fact, here he's laying in my bed, taking up allll the room!)
And just for fun, I've been playing with a new app on my phone.
(still trying to perfect the timing, though haha)
Hope you're having a great week!



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