Wednesday, January 19, 2011

yep, i'm shy.

 this weekend, i'm heading home to celebrate my birthday {ahem, twentieth birthday} with my loving family and boyfriend. although my birthday isn't until tuesday, i'm happy to celebrate early with my family. i've missed them!

so tonight i went to a meet & greet for a club i'm thinking about joining. let me just tell you, i'm shy. really shy, when it comes to meeting new people and having to mingle. i just don't know what to say, and conversation seems almost forced. however, i was able to meet quite a few people and just be myself. well, a quieter slightly sick version of myself. {yeah, you heard right. i'm getting sick. thanks, immune system. i was just praising you for keeping me healthy...}

needless to say, i think joining this club will help me break out of my shell. which means i can finally say good-bye to slightly awkward shy sarah. au revoir!
 look how precious! i'm trying to convince thomas we need a pet for his apartment.
one of these will work!


  1. precious! you totally need a cat! haaa...start preparing your arguments now :)

  2. you will do fine meeting new friends, i cant believe your shy your moms not lets hang out ill show you the ropes of the game. love you! jk



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