Monday, January 24, 2011

fake birthday

this past weekend, i went home to celebrate my birthday early with my fam. it was great, just as expected. i even had time to see my two best girls! i just wish i were still home, spending time with everyone, but i'm not. instead, i'm sitting on my bed, attempting to write a news report that is due in approximately five hours from now. poo.

so here's what went down this weekend:

thursday night i drove to see the boyfriend. we were in the mood for some good food, and decided to celebrate our anniversary early, too. {it was yesterday. our one year, eight month anniversary to be exact.} so, we headed over to our favorite italian chain restaurant. yep, you guessed it, olive garden. i'm never one to turn down endless amounts of salad and breadsticks, so i was in heaven. that is, until my entree arrived. ew. i took a chance and ordered a new dish {stuffed chicken marsala}, and let me tell you, what a mistake that was. seriously, it was not stuffed. in fact, the dish was merely two chicken breasts stacked on top of each other drizzled in a strong, not-so-tasty wine. so i traded thomas for his usual chicken alfredo, which was alright. i need to just stick with what i know and love: chicken milanese. yum.

friday, after thomas got out of class, we drove home. that night consisted of our traditional trip to target, along with one of my favorite home-cooked meals by my mother, spaghetti and garlic bread. and then later that night, my best friend came over. the night consisted of ice cream and catching up, which are always favorite past times of mine. along with spending time with this fella.
saturday morning, i woke up to warm and delicious lemon poppy seed muffins and eggs, thanks to my mother. {isn't she the best?} and headed to the mall with my two girlfriends, lindz and nik. we shopped and ate the oh-so-healthy food court dishes {i had a pretzel}. afterwards, my family and i decided to go thrifting, because my mom is the best at thrifting. she always finds good stuff, no matter the location. however, this trip was, in a word, a fail. none of us really found anything, except this gem thomas found me.
 later that night, my mom made an absoutely delicious birthday dinner. it consisted of meatloaf {my favorite}, roasted red potatoes, steamed squash, cauliflower, broccoli, and fresh out of the oven rolls. it was amazing. then we had cake, which was strawberry with cream cheese frosting. yum.
we ended the night with the movie buried. let me just tell you, that was not a favorite. in fact, i really disliked it. i'm all for happy movies, so this was not a good choice for me.
and yesterday thomas and i went to chilli's for lunch. and we ended up with free chips and queso, which made it even better! the night ended with thomas making dinner for me, which was delish, of course. 
overall, it was such a good weekend. the best fake birthday i've ever had. i want it back. and maybe a nap, too.


  1. Happy real birthday!

    Love the scarf, too ;)

  2. Thank you! I love you! and thanks ;)

  3. it really was a great weekend, i miss the times you came home every other weekend last year, we always managed to get that homemade meal in for you and went to target together , now its once a month and alot of texting and phone calls but i do know we are both growing up and we will never lose that mother daughter bond. I LOVE YOU! jk



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