Tuesday, January 4, 2011

how could I forget?

So in yesterday's post, I briefly mentioned the fact that my wonderful boyfriend just recently had a birthday. A twentieth birthday, as a matter of fact. I know 20 isn't 21, but hey, it's still a big number. I mean, Thomas is now officially an adult. Whoa. It's gettin' crazy all of a sudden...

But back to Thomas' birthday. We really didn't do anything too exciting during the day. Just spending time with his family was enough for us. At dinner time, his mom made him his favorite homemade lasagna, along with delicious garlic bread. For his cake, we had homemade carrot cake with cream cheese icing {also his favorite}. I know I mentioned this here, but I just wanted to specify that these dishes were made especially for him, because he was, of course, the Birthday Boy, er Birthday Man. Something like that.

Speaking of Thomas, I had to drive him to the ER yesterday morning because he burned his hand at school {he goes to culinary school, pretty cool, huh?}. Poor thing couldn't keep an icepack off his hand for a whole thirty seconds without looking like a sad puppy. But he's all better now. Good thing, too, because I was scared!

So, I didn't take any pictures on his actual birthday {fail} because, well, I suck. Plus, I'm really bad at remembering to capture these sorts of moments. But I'm working on it!
 So here's just a photo of Thomas at the airport. {This is him giving me "the look" after I asked if I could use my cell phone on the know, to listen to my music and totally NOT go online.} Fail again.

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  1. you will get better remembering to get that special moment on camera, sometimes you dont need the moment on camera but just to remember and look back on it later in time and this is the special moment for just you and tom. did that make since to you? because i just confused myself. lol jk



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