Tuesday, January 25, 2011

real birthday

today is my real birthday! i'm 20 today! how crazy!

my roommate took me to lunch at tijuana flats, where i had the most delicious chicken enchiladas. yummmmmm. and i also had this really awesome dessert, called cookie dough flautas. seriously, so good and so sweet. they're now a staple for whenever i go to tijuana flats again.

she also gave me survivor by chuck palahniuk {which i can't wait to start reading!}, essie nail polish, and some shower goodies. best roommate ever? i think so!

oh, and i can't forget to mention that nik bought me this really cute shirt and my lunch when we had a girls day out. i really do have the best of friends. love love love them.

p.s. my r.a. left this for me on my door tonight. win.



  1. Happy Birthday, Sarah!! I have had the cookie dough flautas, aren't they ridiculous? haha, I loved 'em! Glad you had a good bday. love that cat pic!

  2. How adorable is that! What wonderful people you are surrounded by up in college town! So happy for you :)

    P.S. Is that a picture from your new calender!?

  3. Yay! I'm so happy you had a wonderful birthday! I loveeee the cookie dough flautas from Tijuana Flats! They're totally mind blowing, right?! I loved your fake birthday post too, but didn't get a chance to comment. I love celebrating my birthday at home and at school! They always end up being two totally different celebrations in the best way! :)

  4. Thank you all so much! It was really nice having two birthdays, I loved celebrating in two different ways!

    Nikki, nope, it's just from Google, but I wish I would have shown you the pictures. February is absolutely adorable! Actually, each month is!

  5. happy birthday, sarah! i'm so happy you stopped by my blog. i look forward to following you!

  6. you had a very busy day it looks like to me, im sorry it rained all day on your birthday, but you had fun anyway. jk im trying to catch up on these blogs.



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