Sunday, January 16, 2011

studyin' it up

as of right now, thomas and i are sitting in panera, eating/studying/doing homework. although it's not exactly the most glamorous date, it's still a date. not to mention yummy.
thomas has been sick for the past week, so i came to medicate him and nurse him back to health. and i managed to not get sick. thank you, immune system, for stayin' strong and keeping me healthy. i owe you one.

i'm quite excited about not having class tomorrow, which is why i'm trying to tackle all of my homework now, so i can relax and read my stack of magazines that i've been neglecting. to be honest, i would love to re-read my harry potter books, even though i've just finished them. i really really enjoyed them, and now i feel sort of empty and bored without reading them. totally channeling my inner-nerd. but hey, it's harry potter, who doesn't like those books?

hope you have a great holiday, i plan on sleeping in!

1 comment:

  1. so the internet at toms suck, and now you have to go somewhere else to get the studing done, that was a good place to go knowing they have that awesome broccoli bread bowl, i just love that cant wait till the end of the month so i can go. jk



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