Monday, January 17, 2011

this morning

so this morning, thomas asked me if i was hungry, which of course is a stupid question, because duh! i'm always hungry! and he proceeded to tell me that he wanted to take me to village inn! let me just tell you, village inn is my absolute FAVORITE breakfast restaurant. i realize the general group of customers that also love village inn are above the age of 55, but that's just another thing i love about it.

so after looking around town for our precious breakfast spot, we found it! {when it closed down in our hometown, we were devastated. however, we managed to find one near thomas' school, which is just awesome!} every time we go, we tell ourselves that we want to try something different, but we always chicken out and end up getting our favorites. there's nothing wrong with the familiar...
so i ended up with chocolate pancakes {which are huuuuge}, over easy eggs, and bacon. yum! and thomas got the chicken fried steak skillet. i'm not gonna lie, even though thomas' meal isn't something i would get, it's still hearty and delicious. and we ended our little morning date at target, of course. my favorite store ever. okay, well maybe not ever, but it's definitely up there.

hope you're having a good day despite all the rain.


  1. alright, YUM! looks delish! :]

  2. i want to go i miss that place, and i would have to have a doggie bag , that is alot of food. jk



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