Monday, February 21, 2011

At least I caught up on some homework...

 So this weekend I went to go see Thomas again. And it was this weekend that he started his new job. As happy as I am that he is doing what he loves, it still sucks because it's less time that I get to see him, even when I'm there.

He worked over 36 hours this weekend, which means I spent 36 hours sleeping, catching up on all my homework for the week and reading my stack of magazines. At least I was productive...

Anyway, this week consists of two exams, a workshop and a bunch of reading I'm not quite ready to jump into. Let me just tell you how excited I am that Spring Break is just a week away.

I plan on getting my tan on at the beach, reading for leisure and visiting with my family and friends. Thank goodness for the week off. I need time to think of something of other than AP style, politics in television and supply and demand.
C'mon Spring Break, get here sooner!

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  1. i hear you, come on spring break, and i know how it feels when you cant wait for someone to get a job, and then you relize that you dont see them much al all, but also glad they arew working. does that really make since? jk



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