Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my weekend-part deux

Yesterday I told you all about my Thursday and Friday night. 
Well, here's Saturday and Sunday!

My family arrived! I haven't seen them in almost a month, so it was so great to see them and hug them! We immediately left to go to my fav breakfast place, Village Inn. Of course, I got chocolate chip pancakes!
After stuffing our faces with breakfast {and getting a free iced coffee for being a "cutie"}, we headed to the mall!
Pretty much everyone got new shoes, except me. I finally got the perfume I've been drooling over {Poppy by Coach}. It just smells so good! And my momma also got me a couple of tops. Yay to Forever 21 and H&M.

After the mall, we were exhausted and starving. That's when we decided to go to Olive Garden for a nice family meal and to celebrate the boys' birthday early {their b-day was yesterday!}.
I ordered chicken milanese. Soooo good.
And I had some of mom's cheese ravioli. Mmmm.
And some of Kodee's pizza....I was hungry, okay?!
Then we surprised the boys with a cake and some singing. They were surprised, it was cute.
It was a great day with my love and my fam. Absolutely perfect.

My mom called us early and wanted to go to breakfast again. So we went to Denny's. Again, I got chocolate chip pancakes. I can't help it, it's my favorite breakfast dish...
Then we went to Target. It's pretty much tradition. I got new shoes and my mom got me a cute new shoulder bag. It's floral. I love it.

And then they left. It was so sad, I almost cried. Two days with them is just not enough. I want more time!

Later that night, Thomas and I celebrated Valentine's Day early. It was the most romantic thing he's ever done for me. He made me dinner and decorated his place with rose petals and candles. The meal was all home-made and absolutely delicious. He made grilled chicken breast marinated in a garlic paste, roasted red potatoes with rosemary, and a zuccini and tomato vegetable blend. Needless to say, I ate the whole thing. And that never happens. 

And then....and then he surprised me with chocolate covered strawberries. I've never experienced chocolate covered strawberries before. CCS = Heaven. In. My. Mouth.
Thomas also ordered a massage kit, which we postponed until next time we see each other because after our weekend with my family, we were exhausted.

Overall, this past weekend was the absolute best. I have the best boyfriend and an amazing family. Love love love to them.


  1. all of us really enjoyed the weekend, we all needed that bonding it was so relaxing for everyone. i love you. jk

  2. that is soooo sweet & cute! im also obsessed w/ chocolate chip pancakes & chocolate covered strawberries haha!



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