Tuesday, February 15, 2011

this weekend was so wonderful

And when I say wonderful, I mean it was even more than I could have asked for.
It was, in a word, perfect.

Thursday afternoon I went to go stay with Thomas for the weekend. It was so good seeing him for the first time in three weeks. We stood in the parking lot hugging for at least 15 minutes. It was magical.

We went inside and as I walked in, there were fresh baked cookies waiting for me {so yummy}. He then asked me to grab something for him that was in a cabinet, and when I opened it up, there sat a dozen beautiful red roses. I've never gotten roses before, so I was impressed.
That night we hung out, just enjoying each others company. It had been such a long time since we last saw one another, so being together was just enough for us.

Friday morning, Thomas woke up and made me breakfast: chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon. Mmmm. I wish I would have gotten a picture.
{He's so mean...}
We then decided to finally go see No Strings Attached. Such a good choice. It was such an adorable movie, and I'm pretty sure we both fell more in love with Natalie Portman. {Girl crush, anyone?} 

We then went to Tijuana Flats for dinner. I wanted Thomas to taste the deliciousness that I've been getting while here at school. He approved. After dinner, we were feeling brave, so we rented Paranormal Activity 2. We weren't that scared!
More on my weekend tomorrow! Hope you all have a great night!


  1. aww, what a nice boy you have there! :) so glad he was so good to you on VDAY!

    and isn't that movie adorable? Natalie Portman & Ashton Kutcher together - mmm, mmmmmm good!

  2. thomas is so sweet, flowers, cookies and a movie . just relaxing together for the night. how awesome is that not seeing each other for 3 weeks. love you jk



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