Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Howdy, folks!

Ignore my title, I'm suffering from lack of sleep and that's all I could come up with. 

How was your weekend? Too short, you say? Yes, mine was, too.

Here's my weekend in pictures
 Technically, I saw that cute fuzzball on Thursday, but I just wanted to include his precious little face in there somewhere.
Note: I am not a weird cat lady. I have two cats (one is mine, the other is the family's) and I just love them to pieces because they are cute. I may have many more when I get older, but I repeat, I am not a crazy cat lady. I just think they're cute, okay? Good.


  1. I'm a crazy cat lady, it's ok. I've warmed up to the title. I'm falling in love with your cat. And I love these pics, so cute

  2. well that jeep in the background looks familiar. lol so again villiage inn without me, im jealous. the pictures are nice jk

  3. You and your boyfriend are adorable, and so is that floral shirt! xo



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