Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A little on the profressional side

 Top:  Charlotte Russe, Skirt: My Roommate's Closet, Shoes: Target
Yesterday was an unbelievably busy day for me, so you'll have to excuse my absence. On the other hand, I had an interview today! Don't I look business-like and professional?

It feels so good to sit down and relax right now. Feels so good to take a breather {even though I still have homework at this lovely hour in the night...} It's okay, though. I have an awesomeeeee weekend planned with my guy and his family, so I'm looking forward to that.

P.S. Excuse the location of my roommate and I are slobs. Well, she is {that's her side of the room I'm on, hehe} When I say slobs, I just mean lazy. And when I say lazy, I mean we literally walk over piles of clutter in our room to get to the door because we don't want to put the energy into cleaning. Hey, it happens.


  1. You look adorable...what was the interview for?

  2. I love your top! Especially with that pencil skirt. Pencil skirts could make anything chic (:

    Hope the interview went well!

  3. so sweet of you to let us know about the messy dorm room because you girls are hardly home to do anything, classes, classes. love you jk



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