Monday, March 28, 2011

A Very Potter Weekend

So this weekend, Thomas' mother and sister came to visit....and took us to Harry Potter World! The trip included a huge feast at The Three Broomsticks, numerous mugs of Butterbeer {both cold and frozen} and visits to all the shops.
After all the Harry Potter festivities, we headed over to Del Taco {my new favorite taco joint} for some churros. Mmmm. Afterward, we went to see Limitless {you know, the one with Bradley Cooper}. I loved it {and him, of course}.
After the movie, we decided to hit up a local tapas bar, called Cafe Tu Tu Tango. It's an eclectic and fusion-inspired restaurant, which made it so much more enjoyable. There were belly dancers dancing right by our table, while artists painted right there in the middle of the restaurant. I really loved it. Thomas and I have already made plans to go back soon.

I also saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid this weekend. Hey, no judging. It was such a cute movie. I may have to persuade a certain person we need it for our DVD library...

It was such a long, yet amazing weekend. I really enjoyed spending time with Thomas' family {and briefly seeing mine}. I can't wait until the next time we get to see them!


  1. wow all that wrapped into 8 hours, i would of dropped in a chair and stayed there till morning after i kicked my shoes off. love the pictures. glad you enjoyed your self. jk



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