Monday, April 25, 2011

Can I just say

that I love my boyfriend?

He drove up to come see me {which is a 2-hour drive} for a few hours yesterday after a week of stress, studying and exams. Let me just say that it was just what the doctor ordered.

After some much needed cuddling and hugs, we headed over to Steak n' Shake for a big 'ol plate of greasy food. A double steak burger, fries and a mint cookies and cream shake with extra whipped cream hit the spot. {I stole some of Thomas' M&M's shake, too...}

And now I'm done with all of my spring classes and finals.
 Cue celebratory music.


  1. awww... super sweet. sounds like a fun time :) <3

  2. YAAAY! summer time and internship time!! those milkshakes sound delish right now, i want one!

  3. such a man to care that much to come see you and in his new car at that! love you jk



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