Thursday, June 23, 2011

Salad disaster

Today has been such a lazy day. I laid around in bed all day and did nothing productive. Unless you count going to McDonald's to try the new Asian salad and mango & pineapple smoothie, then I was quite productive. 

The smoothie was awesome! I really, really loved it. So fruity and delicious. The salad on the other hand was, well...let's just say I didn't enjoy it.

(Side note: First, you should know that I do not like dressing on my salad- never have, never will. Anyway, the kind associates at McDonald's decided to do me a favor and add the dressing for me.....that's never happened before, and I did not like it. I've always felt that dressing takes the flavor out the vegetables, and it just made me mad that my salad was tainted before I really got to enjoy it.) Okay, rant over.

Once I was finished with dinner, the rain came.....and ruined all of my plans of working out outside. Boo. Why does this always happen to me when I'm actually in the mood to sweat? I really don't get it. So it looks like I'll be moving my cardio inside for the night. I'm just not sure what it'll be. Maybe a Pilates DVD?

I'm hungry for a little something sweet, so I better go fill the craving!


1 comment:

  1. sorry about the salad. and i guess you wont eat one of those again. i wish it would rain here we could use some also. go work out and enjoy the sweet cravings you are craving, oh by the way very nice article you wrote, i liked it. love you jk



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