Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sleeping soundly

Lately I've been trying to stay consistent with blogging by posting during the weekdays, but clearly I have failed. Immediately following dinner last night, I passed out. I ended up sleeping for about four hours {oops}, and was greeted with an M&M cookie ice cream sandwich c/o Thomas. {Thanks, babe!}

Anyway, I even managed to fall back asleep a few hours later. Obviously with all this sleeping, I wasn't able to get a workout in {which really, really saddened me}, but at least I was able to catch up on some much needed rest, which is more important.

I ended up sleeping in way later than I had planned this morning, which was disappointing, but hey, it happens. Thomas came home from school soon after, and immediately persuaded me to go get a mid-afternoon pick-me-up from DD. {Okay, so it was totally the other way around, you know I how I like my sweets!} I got the usual {an iced coffee} and a sweet treat: a rainbow sprinkles chocolate donut. Yummmm. Thomas ordered the frozen hot chocolate, which was very chocolately, but not my thing. Surprising, I know. It's weird, because I absolutely love anything chocolate, BUT when it comes to drinks, I want nothing to do with rich, chocolately goodness. I'm an oddball, I know.

The remainder of my day was spent watching my current fav show {Netflix}, running a mere three miles {it was an easy day because I missed last night's workout} and a dinner date with my turkey sub from Subway. Mmm.

Now I'm catching up on blogs and waiting for the boyfriend to get home from work. I'm already sleepy, so who knows how much longer I'll be functioning for!


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  1. sometimes you just need to sleep off the stress of life, (work, excercise, boyfriend, driving time to and from work, early mornings) what ever it is sleep helps the mind grow. well love you! jk



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