Saturday, June 4, 2011

Recap: Memorial Day Weekend

 Hello, hello, hello!

I finally have found some motivation to dedicate some time to this little blog of mine {it's about time}. With all my free time, I should of found it a little sooner, but oh well. Here I am now.
So this past weekend I decided to pack up my stuff and head home for the weekend. It was much needed! I missed my friends and family! And that little fluffball of mine. Luckily I had Memorial Day off, so I was excited to have another day of QT with the fam.
My time home was spent between homemade meals thanks to my momma, shopping and a lunch date with my best girlfriend, two glorious days at the beach {thank you, Florida weather!}, fresh-baked cookies, home-made smoothies made from fresh fruit from the produce stand and movie nights with my little sister.
Although I had an extra day home, the weekend wasn't long enough. Come to think of it, any time spent at home is never long enough. I miss spending summers at home. I love my family and friends in that little town of mine.

P.S. I promise I'm clothed in the last photo! It was right before we headed to the beach- I'm wearing a strapless top! No nudies here...

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  1. all that food and fun, we sure did have fun thanks for the wonderful weekend together sarah. jk



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