Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Recap

As stated in my previous posts, I spent my weekend at home with family and friends.
On Friday night, my momma made a delicious dinner: cubed steaks with country gravy, corn on the cob and parmesan couscous. I went back for seconds because it was so good! After dinner, my sister and I decided to go for a night run, which felt amazing. Once we walked into the house after our run, we found my mom making fried Oreos. My first thought was, "There goes that workout down the drain," but then I sampled one of the cookies, and couldn't care about anything but the deliciousness that is a fried Oreo.
On Saturday, a couple of my girlfriends met at Olive Garden for my best friend, Nikki's, birthday. It was delicious, as always, but the service was....well, let's just say our server wasn't friendly. After lunch, I headed over to Nikki's house for a birthday party for her brother {they share very close birthdays}. At the party, I fell in love with Nikki's nephew, Isaiah. He's three and absolutely adorable. I really wish I would have gotten a few photos with him.
Later that night, my family and I headed down to the beach to watch the newest Harry Potter film. Although we've all seen it at least three times now, it gave us an excuse to relax in the fresh air on such a beautiful night. And then Nikki came over and we had a sleepover, like old times. It was wonderful.
The next morning we woke up early and headed to the beach for a few hours. Again, it was absolutely beautiful out. When we got home, Thomas surprised me and came drove down to visit with us for the day. He took us out for pizza and then to Target {my family's favorite store}. After lunch we headed over to Nikki's for some pool time. My siblings love Nikki, so they were more than happy to accompany her in the pool. We ended the night with a trip to the park {I ran and my siblings rode their bikes}. It was perfect running weather {and by that I mean I wasn't overheated in less than two minutes into my run}.
My mom had dinner waiting for us when we got home {meatloaf, yay!}, so we gobbled that up and packed my car. I was sad to leave, but I had such a great weekend with them, which overpowered the sadness of leaving. I can't wait 'till my next trip home! I don't know when that will be, but I'm ready for it!


  1. Aww, it sounds like you had a great weekend! Loved the pics :) I bet that helped you de-stress a little from the internship. I tried fried oreos at the fair a couple years ago (I had to psych myself up for it, cause I just thought about all the calories & fat I was digesting haha) BUT they were delicious!!

  2. you wore those kids out, they crashed, snored all night long and it was so hard to get them moving , summer school and camp, i even helped with there lunches to speed up so we could get going in the morning. we had a great weekend, thank you sarah. love you! jk



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