Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Recap

Is it just me, or did this weekend fly by? 

Monday morning just came wayyyyy too early for me. I was not ready for it. Which is why I had to stop and pick up one of these this morning. I'm. Addicted.

I think it was so hard for me to get up this morning because I had such a good weekend. 

Weekends are usually when Thomas and I crave brunch {and usually head over to our favorite spot}, and that's exactly what happened this weekend. Except instead of Village Inn, I suggested we head to a new {to me} place that Thomas enjoyed with his friends a few weeks ago, called Peach Valley Cafe. It's a cute little cafe that serves completely homemade breakfast and lunch.

I didn't really know what to order {my go-to breakfast meal is chocolate chip pancakes- which was not on the menu}, so I decided on something simple and savory: an egg sandwich {scrambled egg whites, American cheese and bacon on whole wheat toast}. It came with a cup of fresh fruit, which was of course, delicious.
After some fun in the sun at the pool, I spent my night catching up on Niptuck episodes via Netflix. It's amazing- I don't even miss cable!

After sleeping in on Sunday morning, Thomas and I had a few things we wanted to get accomplished before the weekend was over: go see Green Lantern and pick up some necessities at my favorite store, Target. And that's exactly what we did. Oh, and we also made a trip to Einstein's for egg and bacon bagel thin sandwiches. It wouldn't be a successful trip without iced coffee, so I got some of that, too!

We ended the night with a little Yahtzee and Arrested Development. Perfection.

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  1. so you did pretty good, breakfast, shopping, movies, and some good quality home time together with good old yatzee . good for you! love you jk



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