Monday, July 11, 2011

Best kind of pick-me-up

Happy Monday!

I can't really say that I was ready for Monday this morning, but I managed to get through the day {even if the day went on for what seemed like centuries}. I don't know why but, this day was the slowest I've had in awhile, and it wasn't all that enjoyable to say the least.

But what was enjoyable was the weekday date Thomas and I went on tonight!

We decided to get some {yummy} food at Whole Foods because the last time we were there we practically drooled all over the open food bars, which I guess is kinda against the rules.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed all of my food {I had a variety of roasted vegetables, assorted fresh fruit, vegetable lasagna and vegan mac & cheese. I even made a salad for tomorrow's lunch!}, it was definitely not worth the price. I won't even go into how much we ended up paying {you pay based on the weight of the food} because we decided never to discuss it again. Yeah, it was that bad.

After quite the shock to our wallets, we decided to go ahead and get dessert. I know it doesn't really make sense, but we needed something to boost our spirits, and we weren't about to pay another dime at Whole Foods. So fro-yo it was!

If you have a Menchie's Frozen Yogurt shop near you, do me a favor and get in your car now {preferably when it's open, but hey, feel free to go whenever your heart desires} and get some fro-yo.

Our date definitely made up for my longer than ever day

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  1. looks like a mess, but eager to try a new dish, bring it on! love you! jk



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