Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy List

 {Crazy, happy day picture!}
Although I've been going, going, going all day long, I can't help but to notice some things that are keeping a smile on my face. I couldn't help but share!

1. I tried out my new cereal this morning. It was delish! (FiberOne Honey Squares with banana- yum.)
2. I stopped to get my morning iced coffee today- I got it in less than 2 minutes! Hooray for no lines!
3. I brought my laptop to work today to get some more work done. I love non-lagging Macs!
4. Lunch was provided today. Oh, happy day! I'm in lurrrrve with spinach and ricotta pizza.
5. I completely annihilated my school inbox today. Seriously, there's just something about an empty inbox that makes me feel so much more whole.
6. I wrote a new cover letter, updated my resume, compiled all of my clips and wrote story pitches for an internship I'm interested in for the fall. Just sent my email/application!
7. I have an hour left to kill at work....and it feels amazing!
8. And finally, I'M GOING HOME TODAY! At least for a couple of days. My best friend is heading to Albania on the first, so I decided to go home and visit with her before her trip. Plus I get to see my fam and cuddle with my kitties. Win.

Obviously I'm having a great day today. I hope you are, too! I'm definitely feelin' the good vibes today!

1 comment:

  1. like when the day goes great and it doesnt stop till you are ready for bed. love you jk



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