Thursday, February 16, 2012

Photo Challenge: Day Five

With all the sleep I've been missing this week, I more than made up for it today. I took two short naps today in between meetings and classes. And I'm not going to lie, both naps felt amazing. Of course they did. I've been neglecting sleep like a red-headed step-child, so any sleep at all was well worth it.

I went to work tonight expecting to come home to an empty but welcoming bed. Little did I know that Thomas would decide to drive up to visit me for the weekend. The trip is long overdue, so of course I'm super exciting for some quality time together. He's currently at my apartment waiting patiently for me while I'm at work. He already dropped off a bag of Dove dark chocolates. He's the best.

Day 5: A photo of your favorite memory.
My favorite memory to date is from my time in Italy. During my senior year of high school, my best friend, Nikki, and I went with a small group to Italy during spring break.

I don't have any of my pictures of the trip on my laptop now (which I should get), which is why I borrowed one from Google.

When in Italy, I fell in love with the food, the fashion and the overall culture. Everything was so magical and historical. I loved every single second of my time there, and I can't wait to visit again some day.

I'm already planning my next trip to Europe (hello, France, England, Amsterdam, etc.), which will hopefully be after I graduate next year.


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  1. italy trip --- i remember that april fools phone call i got, scared the shit out of me. that was a good one.



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