Friday, February 3, 2012

While I Was Away

On a whim, Thomas and I decided we wanted to go out of town for New Year's. There's not much to do in our hometown, plus we're not used to be home for New Years, so we wanted to plan something fun.

So, on New Year's Eve, we packed our stuff and drove to the other coast of Florida -- to Cocoa Beach. I had never been, and Thomas was wanting to get away for a few days, too, so it was the perfect little staycation destination.

While we were in Cocoa, we partied hard in the hotel room (read: we watched a marathon of "The Big Bang Theory" and ordered cheesy bread from Dominos) on New Year's Eve, visited the Brevard Zoo, hit up a vintage arcade, had a wonderful authentic Mexican meal and strolled on the Atlantic Beach.

We had a great time. I would definitely recommend the cute, little town of Cocoa to anyone looking to get away (and near a beach for a few days)!


  1. that's adorable! congrats on the new job :) happy bday! and welcome back. cute pics :)

  2. nice pictures of you and tom



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